6 Ways To Use Hubcaps As Practical And Decorative Items

If you're a huge fan of muscle cars and pickup trucks, consider the possibility of decorating your home and property with hubcaps. Auto salvage yards commonly have a multitude of wheel covers in various styles that you can get for a cheap price. 

You probably don't want to turn every room into a hubcap haven, but these items work well in dens and TV rooms, and as accent pieces here and there throughout the house. They also can be put to good use out in the garage, workshop and yard. 

Ceiling Light Fixtures

A hubcap works well as a ceiling light fixture. You can replace an existing fixture with a wheel cover or have a brand new light installed in a room that could use it. 


Attach a battery-operated clock to the back of a open-centered hubcap with wires or glue so the clock face is all that shows from the front. Now you have a one-of-a-kind timepiece to hang on the wall. 

Wall Hangings

In one or two rooms, you might hang up an especially sharp-looking hubcap as a visual point of interest on a small open wall space.

In another room, you could put up several hubcaps in a triangle or circle, or a random pattern. This is particularly appropriate on either side of a flat-screen TV, behind a bar or on a garage wall. Wheel covers also look good in a diagonal pattern on the walls of stairways.

Bird Feeders

Set on a metal pole with a guard to deter squirrels, a hubcap makes a fine bird feeder. If the wheel cover has several compartments, you might add different seeds and other types of bird food in each opening.

The one caveat is that this type of open feeder works best when you add small amounts of food every day. You'll need to regularly empty out any rainwater or organic debris that falls into it.

Yard Decorations

Paint wheel covers in bright colors and turn them into metal flowers. Attach them to metal poles and place them around the yard or in gardens. 

Patio Decorations

If you don't already have a patio or you can add to the existing one, get some cement poured and place some hubcaps in the wet material. The concrete will solidify around the wheel coverings, creating an intriguing point of interest. 

Get Started

Going to salvage yards like Bob Karl's Auto Wrecking looking for hubcaps can be a fun venture. You'll find many styles and will be able to select the kinds that appeal to you most -- all at a very affordable price.