4 Things Junk Car Buyers Use To Evaluate The Value Of Your Car

When you decide to sell your old vehicle to a junk car buyer, you might not be sure how much you'll get from the deal. Determining the real value of your wrecked vehicle might be a challenging task. However, it is important to estimate the value of the old vehicle to avoid getting a raw deal. If you are unsure where to start, here are some factors that will influence the price of your car.  

1. The Market Availability for Auto Parts

Some auto parts are rarer than others and, therefore, have a higher price in the used car parts market. Junk car dealers will examine the type of vehicle you have and the value of its components. If you have a vehicle whose components sell fast, your car will likely fetch a good price. Some car parts like tires, suspensions, and headlights usually have high demand if they are in good shape.

2. The Price of Scrap Metal

After removing all valuable car parts, the junk car dealer will disassemble the vehicle to get scrap metal. The value of scrap fluctuates depending on market demand and supply. Before selling your junk vehicle, consider evaluating the price of the metal in the recycling industry. If the prices vary, try selling the vehicle when the prices are high. Also, various types of scrap metal fetch different prices. For example, aluminum is likely to fetch more than steel, which means you'll get good money if your vehicle has more aluminum.

3. Your Pick-Up Location

The location of your junk vehicle will influence the offers you get from junk car buyers. This is mainly due to the towing fees. If the distance from the pick-up location to the junkyard is far, the price of your vehicle might go low. The price of scrap metal might also vary from location to location. You might want to contact buyers within your location to ensure you make the most out of the deal.

4. The Condition of Your Vehicle

Contrary to common belief, a salvage vehicle involved in an accident might fetch a higher price than an old vehicle in relatively good condition. Junk car dealers might offer a better price for the salvage if they can retrieve valuable components from it or restore it. Not all junk cars are destined for recycling. If a vehicle can be fixed, you might sell it at a much higher price.

Most junk car dealers use these factors to determine a car's value. Therefore, you should keep the information in mind to find a local dealer — such as Cash For Cars — and get the most out of your unwanted car.